Aloe Tile Works, Inc

We work with schools, communities, artists and architects to reflect the story of place and time that will last for generations. It is more than just Cornelia and Ed designing these murals, there are other artists who work in bringing everything together including the community where the mural will be featured.

One of our first projects was the collaborative public project Staples Street Bus Station in Corpus Christi. Ed organised 1500 community members- including children, seniors, prisoners and the mayor – to work on ceramic tiles for this bus transit center. The project won a Federal Transit Administration design award, and prompted FTA administrator, Janette Sakik-Khan to say, ” With strong civic involvement, and excellence in art and design, transit projects become truly public places whose value to the community increases over time.”

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Mural-Cowboy-detail-550x401.png Mural-Frogs.png Mural-Liberty.png Mural-MuralInstallation-4.png Mural-MuralJaguar.jpg Mural-Preamble.png Mural-Spurs.png Mural-Toucans.png Mural.png Murals-Congregation.png Murals-Selena-Dedication-550x401.png Murals-STexWalkofFame.png