Aloe Tile Works, Inc

We create custom tile through in-person order only. This online portfolio shares some of our past work—we are always working to create a better tile.

I love everything I see on this site! Can I buy it?

Thank you! Most of what you see here on our website is not for sale, but are examples of our past work and already owned by someone. In fact, we may not be doing the same work you see here, we are always thinking of new tile and we are inspired by things around us all the time. 

We’re always happy to talk with you about our work and what we do.

(The ceramic pumpkin head in our studio was made by Janis Joplin. No, not the brilliant Texas musician, a talented local potter and yes, that really is her name!)

I want some Aloe Tile! Do you have a gallery?

Yes, our original finished work is for sale at our studio as well as next door at the Wilhelmi/Holland Gallery here in Corpus Christi, Texas. These are one-of-a-kind and are dependent on what we have available.

I’m not in Texas. Do you have an online shop?

No. All of our work is unique or speciality ordered in person at our studio. We don’t offer anything to buy online. That includes work you might see on this site and on social media, such as Instagram or Facebook. 

We’d be happy to hear from you to learn more about what you’re looking for. Phone calls are welcome for inquiry and initial contact, but no official orders are taken by phone.

I’m ready! How can I order some Aloe Tile?

Ordering can only be done in person. (We will occasionally accept email, if you are a returning or a regular patron. You know who you are!) All other custom orders we ask that you come by the studio or give us a call to make an appointment.

I’m going to a party this weekend! Can I bring some tile along with me?

You sure can, but only what we might have available for sale at the studio. All our custom orders take anywhere from six weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of the project. Tile takes time! But remember that good things come to those who wait!

Do you have any good jokes?

Yes. Ask Ed about Esar.